Modern School Management System

Need a school Management System ?
We Have built a High-end modern school Management System just for your school that combines teacher, student, parent and other school staffs in a single automation software

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Core Features

Browse through core features of our school management system built to meet all your needs.

Online Result Checker

Let your students view/check their results online. This feature also enables them to print the result

Simple Grading System

Automatically Grade Multiple students and save their tests/exam scores with just a single click on the system

9 User Role Management

Manage multiple user roles in the school system. You can define how each users act on the system

Secure Login System

Every user has a dashboard and a secured login portal

School Fee Payment System

Online payment system for students to pay school fees and generate fees report

Class/School Session Management

Manage all classes and school sessions. And Promote students to next class if they passed their exams

Fees Payment Report And Students Attendance

View all fees payment report, view students who has paid their fees and those pending payment.

  • Parent/Guardian Can Pay Their Ward's School Fees.
  • Students and Parents Can view school charges.
  • You can take Student's daily attendance.
  • Students/Parents can view attendance report

Parent/Guardians are also allowed to make instalment payment for their ward's school fees.

User friendly dashboard for all users in the system

Each user associated with the system get's a highly secured and friendly dashboard with all required features according to their account purpose in the system.

  • Proprietor's Dashboard
  • Parent/Guardian's Dashboard
  • Student's Dashboard
  • Staffs Dashboard. All staffs dashboard features are all according to their account role in the school management system

Demo Accounts

Use the below demo account login details for testing.


Login Details

  • Login ID :SSA/ADM/4610
  • Password : 12345678

Use the details above to view Student's result, form master/class teachers, view parent/guardians contact details and more.